How to follow-up after your interview abroad?

//How to follow-up after your interview abroad?

How to follow-up after your interview abroad?

How do you normally follow up after the interviewing process? 

This video will show you some opinions of hiring managers of the follow-up interview process . I think it´s key to show interest after the interview but also to be aware of the cultural context.

Do you think it´s ok to follow up within 24/36 hours in your country?

Local customs are different and that is why you need to adjust timing, not only when you are asking for feedback or following up but also when expecting an answer from recruiters or hiring managers.

As Jim Cappola-Director of Talent Acquisition says “You want to ask that question to the hiring manager, When is appropriate to follow up with you?”

Michele Mavi-Director of Training “ It´s really important for a candidate to know how long the decision making is going to take and if they haven´t heard back within a reasonable time then a follow up email, but a brief one”

Some tips for your following up strategy:

  1. Don´t rush it: give yourself tiem to process what took place during the interview, so your follow-up is thoughtful. Wait around 3/2 days to do a follow-up call.
  2. Don´t make it all about you: in the thank you note/email  show that you are cotinuing to think about ways you add value to the company if you were hired. Reaffirm your interest and thank the hiring manager.
  3.  Don´t go overboard: whether it went really well or not great avoid emotion in your message, show enthusiasm but do not show an extremely strong enthusiasm. 

Are you following up?

What is your experience with following-up?

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