How to negotiate salary for an international job

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How to negotiate salary for an international job

Some tips on how to negotiate salary

If you are applying for roles in the national or international market you want to ensure you are getting the right salary for the job position you are applying to – taking in consideration your skills, experience and the job market-. I have helped senior candidates on salary negotiation for different job markets and I have found that there is a real need to develop a thought strategy in that area: working on salary research, learning when and how to negotiate and identifying and learning to sell your unique points.

If you would like to get further advice on how to deal with salary negotiation don´t hesitate to watch the video added:

Sharmin Thomas, Director of Michael Page International

  1. Ensure you are communicating properly to recruiters or employers.
  2. It is important how you ask the question “Can I just get an understanding of where you are looking to pitch this role?” “Instead of how much are you paying”
  3. Bear in mind the difference between large organizations with salary bands and smaller organizations with a more flexible approach.

Kate Southam, Editor of CareerOne

  1. Timing is important, you rather wait for the 2nd or 3rd interview or I think when you are offered the job to have that final negotiation because that is when you have the most power. You also don´t want to be unrealistic when you talk about your expectations.

Karen Adames, Author, Blogger and speaker

  1. Apart from negotiating for your salary it´s also important to take in account non salary benefits like extra training and financial support for your career development.

How to approach a international salary negotation


Although these are common sense tips for your negotiation process you need to bear in mind the culture of the country you are targeting, so get some help on that area, talking to local professional or getting expert advice for that job market. For further guidance on how to negotiate your salary  you can read this post

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