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Do you think you can access to job offers in the UK or abroad?

Do you feel that living and working in another country can provide you personal and professional growth?

If you have answer Yes to both questions then I will recommend you to analyze the real options you have to work and live outside your own country.

International Career Development services offers you one to one support during the different steps of the process.

My advisory services are aimed to executive director profiles and/ or engineers who are considering developing their careers internationally.

“The International Development Career Programme focus on who you are, what´s your  experience to understand your values, achievement and competences. The key thing is to find a new profesional objective that can be adapted to your habilities, personality and values”

The programme offers the candidate a personalized support in the process of job searching abroad.

With a methodology adapted to your needs and personal situation, the complete programme will contain the following modules; the number of sessions needed will depend on the candidate.

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