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Where do I start job searching?

Start your active jobsearch

Are you thinking of working abroad? You have decided to start your professional career in the UK or in any other country and you want to start as soon as possible? Are you in need to speed up the process getting professional help?

My aim is to help you out to design and implement a job search strategy and networking plan. To achieve your objective of working abroad, the UK, Germany or any other job destination that is suited to your professional profile.

  • To identify industries and companies that are recruiting your professional profile.
  • Guiding you to find out which countries and positions you can choose to maximize your experience and professional/academic qualification.
  • Providing you with useful contacts within my professional network.
  • Helping you to generate new contacts with specialized agencies and head-hunters.

To find work abroad, it is key to have a well-thought action plan, which you will use to identify and increase job opportunities that are not directly advertised. It is important you have valuable tools to manage your applications in a productive way.

Your personal brand in the main social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) and your presence within specialized forums need to be coherent and professional. You will need to think how to introduce yourself in your target country and to learn who you are, what are you offering and what are you looking for.

Job Search Strategy service:

  • You email me your CV and explain me what is your professional objective and  which actions have you taken in order to find  work abroad
  • I will review  your  CV and Social Media profile
  • Using Skype-40 minute session- we can clarify doubts and I can collect more information.
  • I will produce an initial Job search action plan including a timeline and budget.

Preparing you for your job interview