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Get ready for your job interview

entrevista de trabajo

You have managed to get a job interview abroad and now you have to show that you are the candidate they need for that job offer. You may have a Skype/Telephone interview or a face to face one; you not only need to show your professional competence but also your language skills, this means that you need to practice to ensure your message will get across in the right way.

To be ready for your job interview, you need:

  • Preparing questions and answers in English
  • Using key vocabulary and make yourself understood
  • Get to know the different interview structures, competency-based, strengths or non-structured interviews.

To be successful in your job interview, it is important to invest time in preparing and practising. Using mock interviews you will be able to get a good preparation that will give you confidence, not only  “what you need to say but also how to say it”.

Job Interview preparation and mock interview service:

  • You email me the information about the job position you will be interviewed or we can arrange a skype/telephone call. (Job Description)
  • I will send you the methodology we will be using and the budget
  • Once you have accepted the budget I will send you the material you will need to prepare the interview- questions, possible answers, key vocabulary and interview techniques-.
  • We will work together to prepare the interview and we will practice it mock interview”.


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