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Personal Branding and Social Media

How are you going to create your personal brand on social media?

Your personal brand makes you different from other professionals of your sector. Personal branding is a working process that starts from the inside to be reflected in the outside world, it will be succesful if it communicates:

personal branding

  • Authenticity: you identify your personal traits and values.
  • Consistency: you behave coherently in the online and offline world.
  • Perseverance: you are visible to your objective public and you share.

If you have started job searching abroad, your personal brand should be built taking in consideration the country/ international destination you have chosen. It reflects who you are, what is your contribution and what you are looking for. Identify which are your key words for your professional profile online and what social media networks are more important to promote your profile (LinkedIn,Twitter, Xing,Facebook,Google Plus, especialized Forums)

Building your personal brand and identifying your social media key words service:

redes sociales

  • You email me your CV and summarize your professional objective and which country are you targeting with your job search strategy online
  • I will review your CV and current Profile in social media
  • A 40 minutes Skype session will clarify doubts and will serve for information gathering about yourself
  • I will send you a budgeted proposal of Personal Branding strategy and Social Media..

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