Using a speculative approach in your job-search

//Using a speculative approach in your job-search

Using a speculative approach in your job-search

Speculative Job Search

While it´s easier to apply for roles we see advertised on job boards and social media platforms, we are quite reluctant to act when we are advised to use a speculative job-search approach. Although we know there is a hidden job market out there, it´s not straight forward to tap into it and we tend to stick to what we know.

However, if you are really thinking on introducing a speculative job-search strategy in your current job search, then here you have a guided approach that can really help you out.

1. When you are applying for specific roles, that have been advertised, you can also go the extra mile. This will work well when the company is advertising the role directly. By trying to identify the hiring manager or getting a referral from someone you know there, you can send your CV directly to a specific email address. If you are told to use the job board or the company website, do it but try to identify someone you can follow up later.

2. If you have decided to target organisations you would like to work for, and they don´t have a specific role for you now. If you have any contact, even if that contact is not close to the hiring manager, try to get a referral from that person; they can pass your CV to the specific department you would like to work for. In the case you don´t have any contact, try to use social media platforms or the organisation´s  website to identify the name of the person in charge, or do some cold calling to find out.

The idea here is that by introducing a speculative job search approach:

1. You can reach to opportunities that are hidden to the common job seeker.
2. You can make yourself more visible and memorable, instead of leaving your resume and personal details registered on every job board, company website or recruitment firm.
3. You can build relationships that might bring you a good job opportunity later on, “you contacted someone that know someone” etc.

To conclude, use the tools you have available, professional emailing to contact someone in the organisation, cold calling and asking for a specific email address or the name of the hiring manager, being present in networking events, meet ups, career fairs and conferences where your targeted organisations might be present.

Remember “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got” Einstein

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