The millennials´effect in other working generations

//The millennials´effect in other working generations

The millennials´effect in other working generations

The effect of Millennials

The effect of Millennials

On the 18th of June I attended to a webinar called ” Millennials & Senior Talent” and the speakers talked about different topics:

• The use of social media to recruit technological profiles and the use of more traditional recruitment systems.
• The different behaviours and values of working generations and its coexistence within the market place.
• How do we define who is a Junior or a Senior professional?

However I would like to steer the focus to one of the conversations that started around the crisis of values topic. This crisis of values seems to have settled in the labour market in the last years. The speakers commented that the recent economical crisis has made millennials´values to be transfered to other working generations.

Suddenly a set values which were considered to belong to the generation born between 1980 to 1992 have been transfered to older generations. Some of the values that are highlighted are the balance between work and personal life, the need of working in a professinal project that motivates them, flexibility around working hours… The Huffington Post´s article talks about 18 points that are defining that millenial generation. You can read them on


The speakers- Iván Sala, Natalia Argüentes, Isabel Iglesias and Andrés Ortega-HR and Recruitment professionals- shared the opinion that the X generation has also been impacted by the Y generation values and that they are sharing great part of them.

Despite this change of values, most companies in Spain continue working with the same traditional values than before the crisis. Consequences are diverse but some of them are: talented professionals demotivated, the effect of burn out appearing at younger age and the danger of talent lost. This talent lost is real and the speakers feel it will pressure organisations to rethink what they offer to attract talent. Listening will be key to understand what workers are valuing and to rethink talent strategies- that will not only be focusing on material benefits-.

Some thoughts

I thought it would be interesting to share this reflection on one of my posts as I share the speakers´ views. I work with professionals that belong to both generations and they are reflecting that change´s need. In our job search we make an effort to ensure that the new employer will have or will be working towards a positive culture. Listening, recognition and professional development are key to attract new talent. Most of these professionals are senior or junior talent looking for further professional development outside  of Spain.

One of the sentencés of Andrés Ortega was that ” Not to take the opportunity of implementing these millennials´values now could become very expensive in a near future”

One question

One question

What do you think about this? Do you agree with the existence of this millennial effect?

To access the recorded webinar you can follow this link  or the comments posted via Twitter using the #CharlasTC

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