Are you using Twitter in your job search?

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Are you using Twitter in your job search?

Buscar trabajo con Twitter

Are you using Twitter in your job search?

Some people will look at me blankly when I say Twitter is a powerful tool for finding information and creating engagement. I think certain generation of jobseekers will respond that they have enough keeping their LinkedIn updated and participating in groups, and doing all the other extra offline activities they need too. I understand that getting to grips with Social Media can be a bit daunting but I think that in the long run it will pay off. You also know that you should be taking care of your LinkedIn while working, so at the end of the day a long term strategy is the way to go.

Lately I have been reading many posts about Twitter, I don´t use it for job-hunting purposes but I do use it to connect to people alike and organizations that I find innovative or interesting. Above all I use it to learn and update myself on the topics I am interested in and sharing information that I think can be useful for international career development.

Here I have gathered some thoughts and information you might find useful:

1. Follow the industry you are interested in and participate in communities you care about.
2. You can use Twitter lists. There are companies that have twitter lists that showcase their staff; you can follow them on twitter. If you would like to know more information about it, it´s worth reading Chelsea Krost post
3. Many companies and recruitment agencies will tweet about their jobs and products, it is a faster way to keep track about the new job vacancies.
4. If you are thinking about what content to tweet, don´t only retweet what you like or find interesting but also create meaningful content and engage with people.
5. Build your network before you need it. Yes, we have mentioned this before but if you are starting now -you are job seeking- don’t think it´s too late, just do it and step by step see what is there for you.
6. Show your personality and your interests, don´t overdo it but you can be more relaxed that in LinkedIn.
7. Make sure you have a great online description and photo. Yes. if you are out there without photo and no image background and no definition of who you are, don´t be surprised if it doesn´t work.
8. Use social media to help others not to self-promote yourself all the time.

Job Search using Twitter

Can you see the benefits? No? Ok let´s summarize them here:

• The lack of barriers to connect with a diversity of people.
• There is more transparency, you show your talents and passion and employers can see if you fit within their organization and culture.
• It is easier to connect with people and companies you don´t already know, it is more difficult through Facebook or LinkedIn.
• If you are following recruiters that are posting jobs it is quicker that they reply to you using twitter than over the phone.
• If you are job searching in other countries, then it is a great tool to know about the country, culture, job positions and more stuff that comes from all around the globe.

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