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I used this expression “Walk the Talk” a few days ago-I am sure you have heard it and use it so many times-. I think it came up to me while I was reading an article about the future of work and the writer´s opinion that is never too late to find your dreamed job position; there are second opportunities coming along with technology, retraining is a real option for workers of older ages, don´t let labels pigeon hold you… I carried on reading other articles about change management, how organizations are changing and adapting to new ways, digital transformation, technology, freelance and remote working… At one point after my many readings this weekend- as I do this regularly to select interesting posts to share on social media- I thought how great would it be that speakers, consultants and managers or we people stopped doing so much talking, writing and reading and engaging more in walking the talk

As a clear example that I remember from a networking event a few years ago: a  British expat living in Spain commented to me How could it be possible that someone with no business experience had become a Business Advisor for entrepreneurs?  Talking, reading and learning theory is needed and useful but to what extent certain cultures are so focused on talking the talk and not walking the talk?

This is my last blog post of 2016 and I wanted to share a short reflection about this matter. In my case when talking about developing an international career I do it so passionately because I have experienced it myself. Look out for real experience, do walk the talk as the original quote says “If you are going to talk the talk, you´ve got to walk the walk” One of the greatest humans challenge we have is to practice what we preach.

Have a great Christmas Holidays and Happy New Year 2017!




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