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Client representation and telephone marketing to find your target job

Contract telephone representation services

To get that job you want, being able to contact directly the recruitment agencies or companies that are advertising that job you want becomes essential.

The aim of this service is to get in touch with recruitment agencies and companies within your industry sector that can be interested in your professional profile. I become your agent and I approach key contacts, not only in a speculative job process but also for specific job positions.

If you are only sending CV´s  through job portals and social media, without getting in touch with head-hunters, recruitment agencies or key people then it means that your are missing  out an opportunity to stand out and that they take your profile in consideration when the job opportunity arises.

Client representation and telephone marketing service

  • You can contact me via email, phone or Skype
  • We will assess what is your current situation
  • I will send you a work proposal with a budget
  • Once the budget has been agreed we can start working


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