Is it necessary to add a cover letter to my application?

//Is it necessary to add a cover letter to my application?

Is it necessary to add a cover letter to my application?

 Is it necessary to add a cover letter to my application?

It depends on the organization and the recruiter but there are still companies out there that are expecting you to take the time to write one.

Taking in consideration a survey done by SHRM in 2014 it seems that only a 22% was considering that omitting a Cover Letter was a mistake. However it was clear that HR professionals in small organizations, fewer than 500 employees valued the cover letter more than large ones- 33% versus 17%. Looking at the private and public sector, the 34% of government organizations were more likely to consider it as a mistake.

So the conclusion : It’s still a mistake to omit a cover letter because you don’t know who cares and who doesn’t, and a letter can be influential in hiring decisions” Donna Svei.

If you want to read the full information about this matter don´t hesitate to read the full post of Donna Svei at

In my opinion I would take in consideration the country, the sector and the organization you are applying for. In my case the Cover Letter has made a difference, not only in the UK but also in Spain for HR roles applications. As an HR professional of public or small organizations in the past I would say that it was a highly desired requirement, although I am aware that recruiters and head-hunters can have a completely different view on this matter.

If you are decided to get started with your Cover Letter don´t hesitate to watch this video of Cover Letter Tips. 

Jo Jakobs, Operation Director: “It´s not a good idea to send a generic one, people often have sent me a generic cover letter, what this is indicating to the employer is that the person is only playing a number game and saying that they are not specifically interested in the role”

Nina Mapson Bone, Executive General Manager: ” Look for 2 or 3 things that the employer is looking for and then giving an example in the cover letter of when you have shown that attributes”


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