6 skills CV-worthy you can learn when working abroad

//6 skills CV-worthy you can learn when working abroad

6 skills CV-worthy you can learn when working abroad

 What motivates people to leave their countries  to move abroad?

6 skills you learn when working abroad

In some cases is the lack of opportunities in their own country that push people to look for a career opportunity somewhere else. However we all know people and travellers that are seeking the opportunity to grow and experiment other cultures. The benefits go beyond enhancing professional skills but also acquiring a set of experience that can help people to change their mindsets and to allow them to see beyond the glasses of their own culture.

Here is the list of 6 skills that you will definitely acquire while working or living abroad.

1. Speaking another language fluently: how long have you spent studying English, Portuguese, French or Spanish… Now that you are there you need to learn it fast. Your well-being and quality of live will really benefit.

2. Cultural Sensitivity: you will discover new ways of doing things, it will require you time and interaction. This culture awareness will be very valuable for working in global companies.

3. Adaptability: being able to think on your feet, prioritizing and finding your way in a new city with a different language and local costumes.

4. Resilience: you really develop the capacity of bouncing-back to difficulties and challenges. The fact you are able to overcome all these difficulties on your own gives you greater confidence.

5. Crisis Management: working abroad is emotionally and mentally challenging, the first year you may feel you are in a survival mode. Your friends become your family but you need to deal with crisis situations on your own.

6. Self-awareness: you become aware of your strengths and weakness and also of your unique skills. You get to know yourself better and in consequence you are aware of you cultural limitations or mindsets that are hindering you to be successful.

Is there any other you want to add? There are more Skills listed on this post.

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