Being aware of the “global talent pool needs” as a job-seeker

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Being aware of the “global talent pool needs” as a job-seeker


All of us have become a job-seeker at some point in our life. Might be you were lucky and you only did it for a short period of time or you were not too fussy about the role you wanted…However nowadays job-seeking has become an art in itself, a new job-seeker will need more time and effort to find the right role. They will be demanded to have a set of skills that were not necessary before:

Who thought about learninghow to market oneself, networking and analyzing data to be aware of future trends and demanded skills”. It is more like you need to think about many things you didn’t even know they existed before and it can become daunting…That is why sometimes it is good to find some help, some countries have implemented official career services others are slowly realizing that they need to hire people that can actually guide them into the right avenue…

Whatever it is your situation don´t think about job-seeking only when you are unemployed. I know as a experience that many people have learned a lot through their experience of job-seeking and they have developed skills and knowledge they didn´t have before. So if you have been working for a long time for the same company, don´t become comfortable and try to switch to a more active and alert awareness. A job-seeker is not only the unemployed friend that has been made redundant but also you that are comfortably seating in your office.

Within a few days I will be away on holidays, most of you are already there. This is a good time to relax but also reflecting if you are happy with the direction of your life and career, might be you are giving yourself a break of the job hunting process or might be you are working but you want to start being alert of the work market…

advice.2My advice is that not only you need to be thinking on your employabilitywhat skills and knowledge you are acquiring that will be of a good value in the job market “ but also you have the responsibility of knowing what are the changing demands in your sector, in your country and also across the world. Being aware of the whole picture will enable you to predict what skills you will need in the future for your national market or searching for other market opportunities where your skills and knowledge is needed.

We live in a global market place but our education has lead us to believe that we only need to think about our national market, now this is proving wrong. You might think that is only for temporary reasons, the crisis will go away and we will be back to normal. You are free to think this way but in my opinion job-seekers who develop the skills and the ability to move between countries will enjoy much higher level of employability that those who do not have this ability because they will access to a much wider job market.

The study The Global Talent 2021 identifies the greatest talent surpluses and deficits across 46 countries,18 industries and a range of occupations:

“The Talent pool is moving now from industrial to emerging markets. This means that rapidly growing nations like India and China will move up the skills ladder as they improve access to high quality education of the emerging market, the fastest annual talent pool growth will be in India ( 7,3%) followed by Brazil (5,6%) Indonesia (4,9%) Turkey (4,7%) and China (4,6%). For many developed countries, particularly in Europe the next decade will see a further slowdown in population, growth and continued aging of the workforce”.

For more information please read ( Pages 8-10) “The Talent Pool moves from Industrial to emerging markets”. Executive Summary available on


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