How techies and engineers are facing job interviews today?

//How techies and engineers are facing job interviews today?

How techies and engineers are facing job interviews today?

Job Interview for technical positions

When applying for roles in IT or Engineering  you are normally expected to go through technical tests and problem-based questions. Most of the job-seekers are aware of this so they know they will be facing these type of tests and questions. However there are other things that are also key, one of them being the capacity of communicating and showing your interpersonal skills.

Any technical roles could be engineering or product work the hiring manager is looking at people´s problem solving ability, as they are looking for people that can figure things out. They are looking for people that can break down a problem and elegantly speak through a solution even it´s not the right solution.”

Nick Livingston Technical Recruiter Co-founder of

To know in more detail about how to interview for technical positions watch the video added below where Nick Livingston gives great tips and advice.

Having helped engineer profiles to perform better at international job interviews, I can see how is important that they work at communicating better, not only their expertise and technical ideas but also they learn how to engage with the recruiter, being able to connect and show enthusiasm and motivation.

Some of the tech interview mistakes pointed by Monster are connected to this:

  1. Caring about appearance, there is not a need to wear a suit but it´s important to present yourself professionaly – the way you dress will show you care about how you come accross.

  2. Confidence is desirable but not arrogance.

  3. Overemphasizing your technical skills; yes you do have all the technical skills they asked you and even more but you are there to focus on solving the Company problems

  4. Not communicating is one of the key issues; recruiters will ask you open questions and sometimes the job-seeker will only respond with a brief answer. You need to elaborate and if you are not used to it, the best way is to prepare your interview before hand. Working on posible questions and how to answer them. Communicatins it´s an essential part for working in a team.

  5. Prepare yourself researching the firm and the industry, not superficially but in depth.

  6. Not asking questions shows a lack of interest so be ready to ask questions.

  7. Don´t set a casual tone on the interview, some candidates tend to be too casual

  8. When the interview finishes it´s time to sell yourself and to ask what´s the next step on the process. Show that you are really motivated for the role, if you don´t show your interest, they will think that you are not very keen on working for them.

I would also add the importance of showing empathy which means the ability to understand and putting yourself in the shoes of others. If most of the candidates are matching with the technical profile demanded, a way of differentiating yourself from others is working on your soft skills.

As a conclusion, if you don´t  feel  confident enough ask for help; either friends you know they are good at interviewing and communicating or professional expert advice.

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