Using the best keywords in your social profile

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Using the best keywords in your social profile

Using the best keywords in your social profile

Ensuring you are using the best keywords in your social profile will have a positive impact on your job search. These keywords will lead to more recruiter’s visits and headhunter contacts. Why? Put yourself on the recruiter´s shoes, when they are using social media, especially Linkedin to search for the profiles they need. If the recruiter is searching for a sales manager in contract manufacturing, you as a potential candidate applying for that type of positions will obviously have a headline with those keywords.

Employers/recruiters search for job candidates based on 3 mean criterias:

1. Job Title of the job you are trying to fill.
2. Skills required for the job.
3. Location of the job.

As a jobseeker you should take these 3 groups of keywords in consideration, especially to build your LinkedIn profile

1. Job Title
Research which job titles are the recruiters searching for the type of positions you can apply. Many times if you only write your current job title, you might find that recruiters are searching more with another specific label. For example you are an account manager but you work in sales, it might be useful you write sales manager, as that is the job you are targeting. If you are a Personnel Officer but you know recruiters are normally searching for Human Resources Officer or Recruiter Specialist that will need to go on your headline.


2. Skills required
You also need to know which skills and qualifications are the employers looking for. A detailed job description or a job offer posted on the job board you use will be very helpful. For examples if the jobs you are applying you always see the word staff surpervisor or outlook experience needed and you have that experience, usis the exact terminology will mean that your profile will come up on their job searches. There are different ways of saying the same thing but if you use what  recruiters are using that will benefit you.

3. Location
If you are targeting a different location that the one you live in it´s advisable you add that location. As you know recruiters want to hire people who are local to their job opportunity.

So pay attention when you build your LinkedIn profile:

Are you including key words on your professional headline?
What type of skills and qualifications are you adding to your summary?
Have you done your job title research and you are adding the most searched job titles?

Not only look for what the employers/recruiters are using, you can also benchmark your profile with other profiles on LinkedIn. What do other professionals working in the same field are adding? Think like a recruiter and start a job search using keywords, which profiles are coming up first?

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